Children and adults frequently struggle with protruding teeth; the upper teeth may jut out over the lower teeth or otherwise sit at an awkward angle. They are also known as overbite or buck teeth, and because they are a very noticeable problem, they can lead to chewing problems. There’s no particular reason why this happens when it comes to individuals’ teeth. It can appear in the early years, develop in adolescence, or even become problematic during adulthood.

However, the good news is that it’s a problem that can be fixed relatively in a simple way. Invisalign is becoming an increasingly sought-after option to correct protruding teeth due to its discreet appearance and general effectiveness.

Why do teeth protrude?

Before we discuss the methods by which Invisalign can treat protruding teeth, it’s important to know what causes protruding teeth. The leading cause for the teeth protruding is due to genetics. Like other physical traits, jaw shape and protruding teeth are handed down through generations.

Other causes of teeth protruding include poor habits such as thumb sucking or excessive suction on a dummy when you were a child. If you are sucking the thumb or a dummy when your permanent teeth are developing and sucking pressure is high, it can cause the teeth to establish at an unnatural angle, causing protruding teeth.

Do invisible aligners correct tooth protrusion?  

Many people with protruding teeth worry about whether invisible aligners can correct their teeth. Clearly, the answer is “Yes.” Traditional braces are the most popular treatment for protruding teeth. However, Invisalign has gained popularity as a very effective option because of its nearly invisible look.

How can Invisalign straighten protruding teeth?  

Invisalign is effective when teeth are protruding because of their angle within the gum. Sometimes, the reason for protruding teeth is skeletal (often when there are more severe bites). Invisalign may need to be utilised together with surgical or orthodontic treatment.

To begin your journey to Invisalign, you must visit a licensed dentist to scan your teeth to ensure that your aligners can be customised to fit your mouth. When your aligners are in place to wear, you’ll be wearing an exact set of aligners for two weeks while they slowly but gradually adjust your teeth to fit the specific mould. After two weeks, you’ll change to your subsequent set of aligners and perform the next dental adjustments. This process continues until your teeth are moved, corrected and not protruding anymore.

What makes Invisalign the best choice for teeth with protruding edges?   

While everyone is unique and no two dental situations are precisely the same, some children and adults with protruding teeth don’t want to draw attention to their teeth by wearing noticeable metal braces. Invisalign is a popular option for treating dental issues because it is nearly undetectable, painless, and effective at moving protruding teeth.

Get rid of your protruding teeth With Invisalign today. 

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