The field of Orthodontics has seen significant advancements in recent times in terms of the methods used to achieve straighter teeth and the impact they can have on patients. 

At Old Bawn Smile Clinic, we offer incredible services for clear Braces in Dublin. Simply put, we’ve taken the next major step in orthodontics. We’ve put clear braces in the 21st century by simplifying and digitising the entire process. The results can be easily monitored through a mobile application, and patients can view full-colour and realistic images of how their smiles will look when they’ve completed their treatment.

What is the process for getting clear braces?

Our Old Bawn Clinic team is aware of the unpredictable nature of our lives and understand that it’s often difficult to make regular orthodontic appointments. We’ve therefore modified every aspect of the traditional braces procedure to utilise Invisalign dental aligners and incorporate completely remote and digital technology, except an initial scan, which is done in our office free-of-cost.

With the ability to offer patients and adults of all ages the option to schedule and execute Invisalign treatment without having to make regular visits to the dentist, we’ve allowed numerous busy patients to quickly and easily align their teeth as well as improve the health of their teeth right from their homes.

The first step for anyone seeking to align their smile at home via Clear Braces in Dublin is to schedule a no-cost scan. It is done by uploading photos for us to review and scheduling a time that is convenient for your schedule.

The free consultation, conducted at our offices in Dublin, includes the use of cutting-edge 3D scanners that can create precise renderings of your teeth’s form and structure without the requirement for melds to be made.

This process allows you to see exactly how your teeth will change during your Invisalign treatment and exactly when this will occur. We can also give you a precise estimate at this time so that you can have absolute transparency regarding the cost.

It also provides an accurate representation of how your smile will appear when you’ve finished the procedure, and we’ll send you a comprehensive video explaining the complete Invisalign procedure and what you can expect.

What happens following your consultation?

If you are convinced to go ahead with Invisalign treatment with us following your consultation, which is free and non-binding, we will send you the outcomes of your Invisalign scan to look over. If satisfied with the results, we’ll provide you with an online payment option for the treatment and the online consent form. Once these forms have been filled out, we’ll mail you a customised Invisalign aligner. If you prefer, make arrangements for you to have them fitted at our clinic.

Following this, you can proceed with this Invisalign treatment at your own home. Connect with us regularly and eliminate the need to make additional appointments in our clinic.